Indian economic progress post-independence has been change dramatic and it has become an economy for world to recognize. If we are to meet vision of our leaders the day is not very far where our country becomes super economic power. The decade after independence sowed seeds for economy development with social aspect and the limited resource were judicious used for upliftment of the most needy citizen of the country. The green revaluation, white revaluation and Indian industrial revaluation were all the initiative of the central Govt. There were business house who run business enterprise in country had to struggle financial, manufacturing, skilled labour resources but they were who were producing jobs large no. of citizen . Post 1991-92 easily available technology, computer & Internet and opening economic saw newer business being open in the country and real entrepreneurship ways started. MSME were really contributors for creation of jobs and fueling economy. The new entrepreneurs were techno-preneur and techno-manager. The Govt. latest initiative ‘Start up India’ & ‘Make in India’ will ensure the country has large number of first degree entrepreneurs.
The academic institutes have their responsibility in creating awareness about entrepreneurship. From idea generation to reality can happen with incubation centers that are established in our academic institute. Students can apply their theoretical knowledge gained in institute for successful ideas that will make them ‘Job Givers rather than Job Seekers’. In the backdrop of above mentioned facts Zeal Education Society takes pride in establishing Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Our Vision

Trigger an entrepreneurial culture and inculcate entrepreneurial values in society at large and influence the mind-set of students towards entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Spearheading entrepreneurship movement throughout the Zeal Education Society with a belief that entrepreneurs need not necessarily be born, but can be developed through well-conceived and well-directed activities.