Zeal Entrepreneurship Development Cell in association with Maharashtra Center for Entrepreneurship Development had organized a 3-day training workshop from 6th to 8th October, 2015. For budding Entrepreneurs the 3-day training workshop was conducted by following resource persons.
Day 1:
1. Mr. Shrikant Bhojkar, Ex. Vice President Bharat Forge, Pune motivated our students and shared his views on Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice.
He also shared his life experiences through his International and domestic Exposure. He addressed students on India v/s the world mindset regarding Time Management and Punctuality.
2. Mr. S B Umap, Regional Officer, MCED, Pune addressed the students on Essential qualities of an Entrepreneur. He also shared examples of successful Entrepreneurs and various qualities that help an Entrepreneur to be successful. He also highlighted SMART objectives during his address. His presence and interaction has added value to the knowledge of participations.
3. Further, Mr. Milind Kanchan, Entrepreneur, addressed the students on screening formula for selecting a business idea. He also shared his life experiences and the problems he faced and how he tackled those problems after starting a business in 1999.
Day 2:
1. Mr. S B Patil, Industry Inspector, DIC, Pune addressed students about the Role of DIC and the importance of various schemes for Entrepreneurship Development laid down by Govt. of Maharashtra and Govt. of India. He also shared various schemes like PSI 2013-18 regarding decentralization of Industry in India. He also shared the subsidies provided by both Govt. of Maharashtra and Govt. of India for various SSI Business units
2. Mr. Pravin Shinde, Organizer, MCED, Pune guided our students on how to belt up SSI unit and sharing with us the entire process of building a SSI Unit. He also shared the various steps involved in setting up a SSI Unit. His session was very informative towards how to start a Business Unit.
3. Mr. Rubal Modgekar Business consultant from Chinchawad,shared his corporate experiences on Market Survey & Marketing Management. He also explained why market survey is important to set up a new business and retain old businesses. He also emphasized the need of Marketing Management to achieve faster growth rate.
Day 3:
1. Mr. GHY   Tirandaj, Ex-LDM, Bank of Maharashtra addressed students on the important role of Banks in supporting Young Entrepreneurs. He also detailed out the entire documentation process and necessary documents for sanctioning SSI at the earliest.
2. Mr. Prakash Bhonge, Corporate Trainer, addressed our students on employability skills and self-employment. He also shared the important skills necessary for employment and need to bridge the gap between corporate requirement and actual delivery. He also shared inferences from MrSudhirPichai, CEO, Google, Steve Jobs and MadhurBhandarkar to motivate and inspire our students.
3. Mr. Hemant Bhagvat, Principal, Shraddha Education Foundation, Pune addressed our students on the business opportunities for young entrepreneurs. He also motivated students through videos and Management games and his guidance on Business Opportunities.
The Program was attended by more than 120 students and staff members for continuous three days.