Important Dates

Last Date for full Paper Submission:  10th January 2018
Final Date of Notification:  20th January 2018
Last Date for Registration:  25th January 2018
Date of Conference:  16th -17th February 2018

Guidelines for Paper Submission to NCONSDME

  • Authors are required to refer and follow the NCONSDME manuscript template. This will ensure fast processing.
  • Manuscripts should be written in MS word 2003 or 2007 in double-spaced, with adequate margins & it should contain maximum of 6 pages.
  • Citation of references in the text should be appeared Arabic number in ascending order, like [1, 2 …], use square bracket. That means, references should be numbered consecutively in text. Bibliographic references should be listed at the end of the text.
  • Maximum number of authors is FOUR.
  • Figures should be addressed in the text by Arabic numerals (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.).Figures should be supplied as electronic files. Also high-quality and high resolution of the original files of all figures and tables are required. Also figure legend should be supplied
  • Illustrations should appear in appropriate places in the text.
  • Photograph and images should be in high quality saved as tiff files.
  • All Tables, Illustrations, Figures and Diagrams will be normally printed in single column width (8cm). Exceptionally, large ones may be printed across two columns (maximum width 17cm).
  • Authors should follow SI units and internationally agreed rules especially those adopted by the IUPAC-IUB Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature (CBN). The journal will essentially follow the rules defined in the IUPAC Manua1 of symbols and terminology for physico-chemical quantities and units (Butterworth, London), 1970.
  • All Paper should be the Original one and it should not be published in any manner before and after the conference.
  • All Authors and Co-authors must inform their respective Institute/ Organization about the paper submission of papers in to NCONSDME.
  • All Authors and Co-authors affiliation should be correct inside the paper.
  • Papers submitted after last date may not be accepted by NCONSDME organizing committee.
  • NCONSDME accepts each paper for conference after doing the review by NCONSDME Reviewers.
  • NCONSDME can’t add, modify or delete any author’s or co-author’s name inside the paper after the registration of the paper without the permission of all authors and co-authors present inside the paper.
  • NCONSDME is not responsible for identifying the Original author or co-author of the paper. The person who submits the paper will be taken as the original author of paper.
  • In any case if NCONSDME receives the complaint about the originality of the author and it found to be true the paper will be suspended from the publication immediately.
  • NCONSDME will not republish or distribute any suspended paper from the date of suspension.
  • NCONSDME has the rights to select the papers from the conference to publish in the international Journals.
  • Authors are required to sign the NCONSDME copyright transfer form, once the manuscript is accepted.
  • Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent to all authors through e-mail.