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Phases in SAP Implementation Project

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Blogs

There are 6 steps of SAP Implementation

  • Project Preparation
  • Business Blue Print
  • Realization
  • Final Preparation
  • Go Live
  • Support

Project Preparation:
In this phase, the implementation companies tries to get the project, whereas the client companies tries to look for several best options for getting good results.
Once the client decides to for ERP system, then server information, Project cost, resources, Subject matter experts & business team comes into consideration.
Then the implementation team studies the clients existing system & gather relevant information.
Further discussion on interfaces required by the clients are done & then the team completes their “AS- IS” Study.

Business Blue Print:
There is always a difference between the business practice carried out by the client & the ERP system.
This is called as GAP, so this GAP is Analyzed, which is called as GAP Analysis. This process is carred out by functional consultants.
Testing Team also starts working on testing steps.


  • Functional consultants carry out configuration process.
  • Development is done for customization.
  • Testing is carried out by core team members.
  • Security team carries out Basis configuration. They connect the Server with other systems.
  • All configurations upload master data for all modules.

Then Unit Testing & Integration Testing are done by the testing team.

Master data is uploaded in the new system using LSMW, BADI, BAPI.
Then the client starts using SAP system.
End-user training is given to the people working at the clients end.
In short project goes live.

After the implementation is complete, still if the client needs help, the implementation company helps them in making relevant changes, wherever required.


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